How Old Denaby was born

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Denaby Main was built by the Denaby Main Colliery Company to house its workers and their families.

It was originally given the name Denaby Main Colliery Village, to distinguish it from the village of Denaby, about 1km away on the road to Hooton Roberts and Kilnhurst.

From that time, the old village became known as Old Denaby.

In due course the Colliery Village part of the name was lost, leaving the village to be known as Denaby Main.

All the properties along the thoroughfare, seen here, with the exception of the Denaby Main Hotel (known locally as ‘the Drum’) have been cleared.

The hotel was opened in 1893 and was once owned by brewers Duncan Gilmour & Co. Ltd and by Tetley’s.

The pub was extended in 1896 to include a concert room and billiard hall, though these were demolished in 1978.

In Denaby and Cadeby Miners’ Memorial Chapel under the chapter headed ‘Conclusion’ the following appears: “The old village of Denaby was a close-knit community where sorrows and happiness were shared.

“Neighbours gathered round in times of childbirth, illness and death. The two collieries which initially brought the villagers together have now both gone, with little to show for their former existence. Buildings have disappeared or are used for different purposes, houses with their grimy, smoking chimneys are no more and a new age is heralded.”