Happy days in the sixties for Granville College, Sheffield student John

Retro reader John Peniston of Loxley has recalled happy days at the old Granville College, Sheffield.

Thursday, 24th October 2019, 12:00 am
Updated Thursday, 24th October 2019, 4:43 pm
Granville College 4-a-side football team 1967, captained by John Peniston

John wrote: “Please find enclosed a picture of the four-a-side class winners of the college indoor football competition. I was the captain of that winning team at around 1967.

“The team was made up from business studies students who were underdogs to twin the tournament.

“Your story reminded me of what a fantastic college Granville was for the young people of Sheffield.

The Duke of Edinburgh arriving at Granville College on October 15, 1963

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“It was ultra modern. We all loved the new machine that provided ice-cool soft drinks in bottles that was in the foyer – never seen a machine that was like that in those days.

“More important, it was the brilliant staff that lectured. I for one did not have one ounce of a clue about business studies.

“I cannot thank the staff enough, who are probably not with us any more, for the effort they put into the teaching. I can remember a Mr Fawcett, maths, Mr Derbyshire, English/law, and Mr Hardcastle, social studies.

“Keith Kettleborough of Sheffield United would turn up to give us soccer coaching.

A 2005 college lecturers' picket line. From left, Jenny Prideaux, Chris Euesden, Clive Hartley and Joe Richards

“We attended a full day release from work 9am to 5pm and a further evening from 6pm until 9pm. The difference would then be out of a class of around 30, only two or three would be young girls, today more than half the class would be young girls, I suspect.

“Thanks to the dedicated staff – they produced some of Sheffield’s leading business people. It is true to say I learnt more in four years at Granville than I did in all my school years.

“Sorry if I have missed some names of the lecturers around the 60s as I am sure family members are proud of the service and dedication they gave to the kids of this wonderful city, we cannot thank them enough.

“PS, After the game the four of us went on to celrbrate our win at the Claymore pub, Saturday lunchtime.

Larry Martin , former head of catering at Granville College, Sheffield, pictured in 1999

“I believe the lad on the right passed away while still a young man, the lad on my immediate right joined the Sheffield City Police, our goalkeepoer lost all touch, not seen or heard directly from the team for over 50 years. Would love to.”