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Village feature - Woodlands. The Woodlands Hotel
Village feature - Woodlands. The Woodlands Hotel
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Mr ROBSON, the vicar of Woodlands, held his first service in the concert room of the Woodlands Hotel.

The congregation numbered 18 people, and 14 choirboys. Organist Mr Smith played the piano.

Mr Robson said he had not expected the service to catch on straight away.

He realised he had started too early.

Next time he would start an hour later at 8.30 when more people might be expected to attend. He had not minded if they took their drinks into the room but nobody did.

There was a cup of tea for everyone at the close.

He had prayed especially for the travellers who passed through Woodlands on the Great North Road.

The Woodlands Hotel stands close to that section of the A1 which is a notorious blackspot for accidents caused by speeding when overtaking.