Are you one of these cute Christmas Day babies born in the 90s?

While everyone is opening Christmas presents there will be some people opening birthday presents too.

Tuesday, 24th December 2019, 9:40 am
Helena Lath of Wincobank, Sheffield is seen with her Christmas Day baby Charlotte born in 1997 at 10.44 am weighing 9lb 1 oz

Here’s a very special look back at babies born on Christmas Days in the late 1990s.

Who do you know with a Christmas Day birthday? Where are they now? What have they grown up to become? Here’s there first pictures that welcomed a new generation.

Jessops Hospital, Sheffield, where Helen Buxton from Treeton is seen with her 1997 Christmas Day baby Callum Edward born at 1.09pm, weighing 6lb 15 oz

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Isabella Eve Beale was born Christmas Day1997 at 9.31pm weighing 8lb 5oz.
Josie Francis of Greystone, Sheffield, is seen with her 1997 Christmas ay baby Imogen Maria born at 2.40 am weighing 7lb 7oz
Tracey Burton of Stannington is seen with her 1997 Christmas Day Baby Sophie Elizabeth Gilman born at 9.45am weighing 7lb 9oz
Pictured at the Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, where Kelly Jackson from Woodhouse, Sheffield is seen with her 1997 Christmas Day baby Katy Louise born at10.51 pm weighing 6 lb 8oz
Sue Matthewman of Rosslyn Avenue, Aston with her 1998 Christmas Day baby James born at 8.06pm weighing 8lbs 13 oz
Mandy Kermeen of Pritchard Close, Hackenthorpe with baby Holly May born on CHristmas Day 1998 at 5.51am weighing 7lbs 14oz
1998 Christmas Day baby Holly Prewett born at 9.35am weighing 6lbs 12oz at Jessop Hospital
Proud father Jeremy Head of Melbourne Road, Crookes with his baby son born on Christmas Day 1998 at 7.20am weighing 5lbs 13oz
Sabia Bibi of Bramham Road, Darnall with her baby girl who was born at 6.40am weighing 8lbs 7oz
Taiba Kauser of Abbeydale Road with her baby boy born on Christmas Day 1998 at 12.02pm weighing 6lbs 10oz
Jackie and Glenn Mellows of Millstone Drive, Aston with baby Jack born 16 minutes after midnight and the first arrival for Christmas Day 1998 weighing 6lbs 7oz
Debbie Godbehere of Birley Spa Lane, Hackenthorpe with baby Luke Philip Mason, born on Christmas Day 1998
Carole Brown, 34 with son Joshua Reece Barrett, born at Northern General, 4.40pm Christmas Day 1999, weighing 7lb 3oz.
Catherine Osman of Holmhirst Rd,Woodseats with baby Pascal, born 12.18 weighing 7lb 8 ozs, on Christmas Day 1999 at Jessops Hpsital
Rachael Gummer, 38 with daughter Lucy Hitchen, born at Northern General, 11.02pm Christmas day, 6lb 12oz.
Helen Cotton, 24 with daughter Lydia Renee Cotton, born at Jessops, 6.40pm Christmas day