Amazing Blondin Costello

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FOLLOWING the death of Blondin Costello (John Shaw) on February 17, 1917 a piece in the South Yorkshire Times gave the following information about his remarkable career.

“The stage name of this son of Mexborough was Blondin Costello and after touring the British Isles and continent he appears to have settled down in his native town.

“Records reveal that his spectacular feats were not always performed on tour. He seems to have delighted in proving his skill and daring before his own people.

“On one occasion while painting the headgear at Denaby Main Colliery, he laid a bar across the top of the headgear, directly over the shaft and stood on his head upon it for several seconds.

“On another occasion he trundled a wheelbarrow on a rope stretched across from the Red Lion Hotel to the high bank known as the ‘tipping’ on the opposite side of Bank Street, a distance of 30 yards.’