The best online piano lessons: Learn piano at home with 50% off this award-winning app

By Staff Reporter
Monday, 7th June 2021, 9:24 am
Learn piano at home with 50% off this award-winning app
Learn piano at home with 50% off this award-winning app

The piano is a very romantic instrument. It’s easy to fall in love with the melodies of John Legend, and marvel at Bach’s greatest hits.

Unfortunately, learning to emulate these musicians is much harder — particularly when social distancing rules out in-person lessons.

That is why many aspiring keyboard maestros are turning to Skoove.

Featured by Apple and Wired magazine, this highly-rated mobile app provides over 400 interactive piano lessons to suit any ability.

It works with any keyboard, and the app even provides live feedback. In a special offer for regular readers, lifetime subscriptions are now 50% off full price at £107.95.

Learn Piano at Home

From entertaining the family to producing chart-worthy beats, there are many good reasons to learn piano.

With Skoove, even complete beginners can learn how to play famous pieces from popular artists and famous composers.

Available on iOS and Android, this app serves up video lessons from expert teachers. As users play along with each lesson, the app “listens” to the performance using artificial intelligence. Skoove then provides live feedback, just like a human music teacher.

Used by one million people, Skoove covers all the theory behind great music — including chords, scales, and playing techniques.

In addition, the app helps users to recognize notes by ear, improvise like prime Herbie Hancock, and compose new music.

Skoove is rated at 4.5 stars on the App Store, and it has earned many plaudits.

In her hands-on review, Nicola Davis of The Guardian said: “Notes, keys, and names fall into place – I even play four suspiciously simple bars of Bach by sight! With both hands! Success!"

If you would like to follow suit, order a Skoove lifetime subscription today for £107.95 and save over £100 on the full price.

Prices subject to change. Please note prices are in US dollars but will be charged in pounds.