You’ve been cleaning your IKEA high chair wrong this whole time

by Aimee Stanton

Cleaning a messy high chair is never easy but a new parenting hack looks set to make mealtimes a lot easier and quicker.

In a news piece on Australian parenting site Kidspot, night editor Alys Gagnon revealed how the ANTILOP highchair from IKEA is in fact dishwasher safe.

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Gagnon said: “I'm willing to take bets you can't do it, because there is absolutely nothing more irritating that trying to get bits of dried on weetbix and apple sauce out of tiny plastic crevices.

“But, parents who own the ANTILOP high chair from Scandanavian [sic] retailer IKEA can take heart from the news which I am about to share with you, news that I wish had been imparted to me some six years ago.

“Not only is the ANTILOP cheap as chips, cheerfully coloured and charmingly convenient, it's also dishwasher safe.”

Although IKEA’s care instructions do not state that the highchair is dishwasher safe, the seat and the table are made from polypropylene, a common household plastic, which can be washed in a dishwasher.

The legs are not dishwasher safe though.

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The original post on the Kidspot Facebook page has now already been liked over 200 times, however some parents have revealed their own unique ways of cleaning the IKEA highchair.

Nat Loukadellis commented: “If ours gets too dirty during meal time I usually take it outside, spray it with cleaner and hose it down. Dishwasher is interesting though!”

Tagging her partner, Caitrìn Ann said: “Matt all then nights we’d take it outside and hose it down! Could of just put it in the dish washer.”

Whilst Aleesa Sinclair said: “I just put it out side and hose it down, much quicker.”

IKEA does not officially state that the ANTILOP is dishwasher safe and instead advises to wiping the highchair clean with a mild soapy solution and then drying with a different clean cloth.

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