You will soon be able to buy pots of Big Mac Special Sauce - but only for a limited time

Fast food giant McDonald’s are set to start selling their Big Mac Special Sauce to customers for the first time.

The company said it would sell the sauce, which usually is served in its Big Mac burger buns, in dipping pots.

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Special Sauce

McDonald’s said the plastic pots will go on sale in its stores in the UK and Ireland on Wednesday, 12 February.

The 50ml pots will set you back 50p each, and will be sold at all times in stores.

McDonald’s customers can open them in-store, and dip their fries and chicken nuggets in the secret recipe. But each pot has a shelf life of seven days, meaning people can also bring them home to enjoy as well.

The company is confident that the Special Sauce pots will prove popular with customers, and said it expected them to sell out quickly.

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The limited run will continue as long as stocks last, and McDonald’s staff are said to be prepped for bulk orders of the pots, and long queues at checkouts counters.

In 2016, McDonald’s auctioned off a Big Mac Special Sauce cartridge and gun on eBay, with bids reaching £65,000.

The company said that auction was the last time customers in the UK and Ireland were able to get their hands on the Special Sauce.

McDonald’s app

McDonald’s is currently coming to the end of a prominent campaign to boost its new smartphone app, which gives customers who download it access to 24 deals in 23 days.

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The giveaway, which started on 4 January, will run until 26 January 2020.

So far, the fast food giant has handed out free McMuffins, free fries, and sold Big Macs for 99p.

Executives at McDonald’s will hope that their ‘Appy Days’ campaign can help drive a surge in downloads of their app.

After a difficult few years in an increasingly competitive fast food market, the US giant has radically altered the service it offers customers.

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Now people can get McDonald’s delivered to their homes by UberEats, can get it on the go at a drive-thru, or order on their phones and pick up at the restaurant. Customers can even order in-store and have their food delivered to them at their table by staff.

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