You can claim free rides and food from Uber this Christmas if you work for the NHS - this is how

Uber is hoping to make NHS workers lives a little easier this Christmas (Photo: Shutterstock)Uber is hoping to make NHS workers lives a little easier this Christmas (Photo: Shutterstock)
Uber is hoping to make NHS workers lives a little easier this Christmas (Photo: Shutterstock)

Christmas is an incredibly busy time for everyone, but while many of us have time off over the festive season, the same can’t be said for millions of NHS workers.

This Christmas, Uber is looking to give NHS workers a way to make their lives a little bit easier during the hectic festive season by offering up some generous freebies.

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What’s on offer

Christmas is undoubtedly a busy time for everyone but “perhaps none more so than for NHS staff”, says Uber.

As a thank you from the company, this Christmas NHS staff can enjoy either a free ride to and from work or a free meal at the end of their shift from Uber Eats.

Specifically, you’ll be able to claim either:

Two £10 journeys from UberTwo £10 off vouchers from Uber Eats

The offer will run from between Monday 23 December and Friday 27 December.

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How to claim

To claim the offer, NHS staff members will need to enter their NHS email address into an online form.

You’ll need to do this by 9am on Friday 20 December and it needs to be an NHS email as well in order for Uber to confirm that you qualify for the promotion.

The form consists of the following areas to fill out:

Your first nameYour surnameYour NHS email address ending in either or nhs.netWhether you’d like the ride discount or the Uber Eats discount

You’ll then be sent a code.

How to use the offer

You’ll need to download the Uber or Uber Eats app onto your phone which you can do via your phone’s app store.

To use your voucher on the Uber app:

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Open the app and on the upper left hand corner you’ll see three horizontal linesTap those lines to open the menu and you’ll see a ‘payments’ tabTap ‘payments’ and down the bottom you’ll see an ‘add promo code’ optionFrom there, enter the promo code you were sent from Uber

On the Uber Eats app:

Select the ‘profile’ option which can be down down the bottom right of the screenFrom there you’ll be able to see a ‘promotions’ tabSelect the ‘promotions’ options and from that screen click the ‘add promotion’ option, found in the upper right hand cornerFrom there, enter your promo code from Uber

Whichever option you choose, you’ll need to make sure that you redeem your codes from between midnight on 23 December and 11:59pm on 27 December.

This article originally appeared on our sister site Edinburgh Evening News