The £1 cleaning hack that will ‘transform’ your dull stainless steel sink

Stainless steel sinks are notoriously hard to keep clean and streak-free.

Watermarks are caused by hard water which contains higher than average traces of dissolved magnesium and calcium, meaning they can be stubborn to remove.

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The limescale and other minerals in the water result in white water spots after the moisture dries, leaving your sink looking dull and dirty.

However, Reddit users have revealed a simple hack to restore your shine back to your sink - and all you will need could be hiding in the back of your cupboard.

What is the cleaning hack?

Baby oil is the ultimate final ingredient to bring shine to your sink after cleaning, according to Reddit users.

It can be purchased for just £1 in most supermarkets and drug stores and is said to be effective against stubborn water stains.

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In response to a post seeking help for a marked stainless steel sink, one user said: “This going to sound crazy, but baby oil helps with these kinds of stains.

“I have spent a fortune on cleaning products for my stainless steel and I saw this hack on Pinterest.

“I bought a small travel size bottle and was amazed.”

A second person agreed and said the results of using baby oil promised an “amazing transformation”.

Does the trick actually work?

While Reddit users claim this trick does work, it is advised that you clean your sink before any oil is applied.

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An expert from said: “Baby oil used on a soft, dry cloth will effectively remove streaks from shiny surfaces like stainless steel or enamel - but it won’t actually sanitise the surface.”

Once the sink is thoroughly cleaned, apply baby oil to a soft cloth, such as a microfibre cloth, and buff the surface in the pattern the steel follows.

To check the grain of the steel, you should check the sink closely and notice many small lines going in the same direction.

To wipe down with baby oil, move the cloth in this direction and apply minimal pressure.

You sink should be left looking shiny and gleaming afterwards, and the process can be repeated until you get the results you want.