The Beefeater Review: Steak your way is on point

From pub classics like fish and chips to steaks and BBQ favourites, there are so many options to choose from at The Beefeater.

One of the main values of the restaurant is to have something for everyone. From our experience, we are fully behind The Beefeater on this one.

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The Beefeater definitely has 'Steak your Way' on point, with the right texture and taste tailored to suit all. Whether you enjoy your steak well-done or medium rare, there is definitely an option to satisfy your taste buds.

We tried the 8oz fillet and 8oz rump (pictured above)

Served with half a roasted tomato and grilled mushroom, the meal ticked off all our boxes and exceeded our expectations.

If you prefer steak with a stronger texture, then the 8oz rump is your best bet. This delivers a firm taste and is not too lean or tender.

However, the 8oz fillet is the opposite- this is most lean and tender of all steaks. You may want to opt for this one if you prefer it light.

We would definitely recommend The Beefeater to those interested in quality food from the grill or just a simple pub classic. For more information, click here