Nando’s forced to close 50 restaurants following chicken shortages

The restaurant chain apologised to customers on Twitter. (Photo: Shutterstock)The restaurant chain apologised to customers on Twitter. (Photo: Shutterstock)
The restaurant chain apologised to customers on Twitter. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Popular restaurant Nando’s has been forced to close some of its restaurants after running out of peri-peri chicken.

The chain has temporarily shut around 50 outlets across England, Scotland and Wales after suffering supply shortages, according to the BBC.

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Nando’s has been forced to close a number of restaurants due to supply shortages.

The shortages have arisen from general issues in the UK supply chain thanks to coronavirus.

The restaurant responded to upset customers on Twitter, describing the situation as “a bit of a mare”.

The chain said it was doing everything they can to fix the issues in the supply chain.

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Customers are able to check via the Nando’s website whether their local restaurant is closed. 

The restaurant wrote on Twitter:

“The UK supply chain is having a bit of a ‘mare’ right now.

“This is having a knock-on effect with some of our restaurants across England, Scotland and Wales.

“We are doing everything we can to get the peri-peri back where it belongs – on your plates!”

In another tweet, the restaurant, which serves Afro-Portuguese inspired chicken dishes, apologised for the “disappointment” and said suppliers could not keep up with “demand for peri-peri”.

Nando’s said: “We’re sorry for any disappointment caused.

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“Our suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand for peri-peri. Meaning that some of our restaurants have had to temporarily close to restock.”

The large number of people being pinged by the NHS app, known as the “pingdemic”, has caused supply chain issues over the past few weeks.

With rules around self-isolation relaxed, and the NHS app tweaked to track fewer contacts, it’s hoped supply chain issues will be resolved in the coming weeks.