How much time & money have you WASTED in traffic?

We all get annoyed when we're caught in a traffic jam - but maybe don't realise just how much time we've lost that could be spent on more useful activities.

The average UK motorist spent an astonishing 31 hours stuck in traffic in 2017, but it's even more galling thinking about how this time could have been better spent.

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A new interactive tool from insurance comparison site GoCompare crunches the numbers to calculate just how much time you’ve spent in traffic over the entire course of your motoring life.

For example, a 40 year old driver who passed their test at 17 would have spent 713 hours stuck in congestion - costing them a whopping £26,864.

In this time they could have:

· Watched 474 games of football

· Completed 153 marathons

· Watched 178 coats of paint dry

· Made 8,913 cups of tea

· Watched 775 episodes of Game of Thrones

If you have a few moments spare - perhaps not, following this morning's late start - then you can see some more examples at