Dragon Easter egg proving roaring success

The ultimate Easter egg

Master chocolatiers at Wickedly Welsh are fast selling the ultimate chocolate egg. This features a golden Welsh Dragon inside, the perfect gift for anyone with an affinity for fantasy or mythical legends.

The family run Wickedly Welsh chocolate company are passionate about bringing smiles to the faces of customers, especially after recent tough circumstances of pandemics.

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The team last year put their heads together to create an Easter egg that tips its hat to Welsh traditions.

The premise and design of the egg is something that chocolate lovers young and old will enjoy. As they  crack open the outer casing, they unveil Bryn the golden dragon egg. This is a luxurious solid milk chocolate dragon, decorated in edible gold dusting.

Once Bryn the golden dragon is removed from his shell, the surprises continue as it’s revealed he is lying on a bed of caramel truffle.

The mouth-watering egg is made entirely using locally sourced ingredients. The chocolatiers at Wickedly Welsh focused on blending and perfecting their distinctive range of complimenting flavours.

The brand is also passionate on their sustainability efforts, and ensure that all packaging is compostable or recyclable, limiting its waste.