Yobs terrorising Sheffield suburb 'could force shopkeepers out of business'

Hartley Brook Road in Shiregreen
Hartley Brook Road in Shiregreen
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Yobs terrorising a Sheffield suburb could force shopkeepers there out of business, it has been warned.

Horrified residents say youths lobbing rocks and bottles at passing cars on Hartley Brook Road in Shiregreen has become a daily occurrence.

Knives have also reportedly also been thrown at dog-walkers in the area, a pregnant woman and her young children were pushed into the road and a delivery driver was recently beaten with sticks. The Star has also reported how a keep-fit group was forced to call it a day due to the vile abuse hurled at members.

The escalating trouble is blamed by locals on a gang of about 20 youngsters, aged as young as 14, who they say are growing increasingly emboldened and now feel they can act with impunity when police are not present.

One shop owner today told how he is having to lay off staff because people are too scared to venture out after 4pm.

"It's really, really bad. After 4pm the shops are basically dead," said the businessman, who asked to remain anonymous.

"People don't want to drive here because they're worried their cars will be attacked.

"Last month, the youths threw a brick through an open car window, narrowly missing a six-month-old baby.

"We've already had to reduce our employees' hours and now we're looking to release staff because we can't afford to keep them on.

"If something's not done, shops will be forced to close and I'm worried someone will be seriously hurt."

He added that police lack the resources to tackle the youths, and said parents should do more to keep them under control.

Joanne Waddingham, who lives in the area, bravely filmed yobs chucking missiles at passing cars and pedestrians, despite coming under attack herself on her driveway.

But when she showed the footage to police she claims an officer told her there was nothing they could do as they had not witnessed it first-hand.

"We were told by police to get footage but when we did that we were told they needed to see it with their own eyes," she said.

"Everyone on this estate has complained and in our eyes police don't seem to be doing anything.

"It's so frustrating. You can see them throwing bottles and even hear them calling each other by name.

"We've lived here for 21 years but things have got so bad we're looking at moving. We just can't put up with it anymore."

The Star has contacted South Yorkshire Police for a comment.