What roads are closed for Sheffield 10k today?

Runners in last year's Sheffield 10K
Runners in last year's Sheffield 10K
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Thousands of runners are set to pound the city's streets later this morning for the Sheffield 10K.

The race which runs through the heart of Sheffield is due to get underway at 9.30am and numerous roads around the city centre will be closed ahead of that.

The course begins on Arundel Gate and takes runners along Charter Row and Ecclesall Road, past Endcliffe Park and up near the Botanical Gardens. It then heads down Brocco Bank and back into the city centre for the finish.

Most roads will be closed from 8.30am until around midday today but some closures will be in place from 4am to 4pm.

These are the roads that will be closed:

A61 Ring Road (anticlockwise) - Brook Hill to Eyre Street 08:30 to 11:45

A61 Ring Road (clockwise) - London Road to Broomspring Lane 08:30 to 11:45

Arundel Gate - High Street to Furnival Square 04:00 to 16:00

Brocco Bank - Westbourne Road to Ecclesall Road 08:30 to 11:35

Charter Row - Furnival Gate to Moore Street 08:30 to 12:15

Charles Street - The Whole 08:30 to 12:15

Ecclesall Road - Hannover Way / St Mary’s Gate to Hunters Bar Roundabout (access westbound from Sharrow Vale Road along Ecclesall Road) 08:30 to 11:30

Ecclesall Road (eastbound) - Psalter Lane to Brocco Bank 08:30 to 11:30

Endcliffe Vale Road - Endcliffe Hall Avenue to Brocco Bank 08:30 to 11:15

Furnival Gate (westbound) - Arundel Gate to Charter Row 08:30 to 11:40

Furnival Gate (eastbound) - Pinstone Street to Furnival Square 08:30 to 12:15

Graham Road - Hangingwater Road to Riverdale Road 08:30 to 11:15

Hangingwater Road (southbound) - Oakbrook Road to Graham Road (access available northbound through junction) 08:30 to 11:10

Moore Street - Charter Row to Hanover Way / St Mary’s Gate 08:30 to 11:45

Norfolk Street - Arundel Gate to Union Street 04:00 to 16:00

Oakbrook Road (eastbound) - Hangingwater Road to Riverdale Road (access maintained westbound) 08:30 to 11:05

Pinstone Street (southbound) - Surrey Street to Furnival Gate 08:30 to 12:15

Riverdale Road - Graham Road to Endcliffe Vale Road 08:30 to 11:20

Rustlings Road (eastbound) - Oakbrook Road to Ecclesall Road (access maintained westbound) 08:30 to 11:00

Surrey Street - The Whole 04:00 to 16:00

Union Street - The Whole 08:30 to 12:15

Sheffield 10K will also be held on the same day as the first Steel City derby of the season after it was moved to be shown live on Sky Sports.