What does the future hold for Sheffield's stray dogs?

Sheffield's stray dog service could be outsourced
Sheffield's stray dog service could be outsourced
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​Sheffield’s stray dog service could be outsourced as the council looks to save money.

A report to the council says “alternative delivery options” are being considered for the Stray Dog Kennelling Services. Under consideration is the “potential use of external providers” to deliver all, or parts of, the service.

There are no further details yet but back in 2014, it cost the council £244,230 to deliver the service - including the cost of patrolling for, or collecting, stray dogs, impounding them and looking after them, adopting out dogs that are impounded. It didn’t include fuel and maintenance of vehicles used by dog wardens.

The new move comes under the council’s Place Change Programme which aims to “deliver outcomes that are easier, quicker, better and more affordable” for the council and taxpayers.

By law, Sheffield Council has responsibility for all stray dogs in the city. Nearly 4,000 stray dogs have been impounded by Sheffield Council in the last five years - with more than 200 being put down.