WATCH: Sheffield hero risks life running down motorway to free trapped driver

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A heroic Sheffielder who risked his life to free a trapped driver after a horrific motorway crash has been honoured for his astonishing bravery - having initially ended up in court.

WARNING: Video contains strong language

Chris is being awarded for his 'act of supreme bravery'

Chris is being awarded for his 'act of supreme bravery'

Chris Dye gave no thought to his own safety as he leapt from his car and sprinted across three lanes of the M62 to rescue another motorist from his upended car.

The 28-year-old medical sales specialist, from Neepsend, has been recognised by the Royal Humane Society for his 'act of supreme bravery'.

Dramatic dashcam footage captured the moment Chris's own car was shunted from behind by a tailgating van, sending it spinning out of control on the motorway between Rochdale and Huddersfield.

The van then careered into a second car, upending the blue Peugeot which is seen hurtling past Chris on its roof.

The Peugeot can be seen sliding down the motorway in dramatic dashcam footage from Chris's car

The Peugeot can be seen sliding down the motorway in dramatic dashcam footage from Chris's car

Chris can be heard shouting at the van driver who caused the crash, before sprinting from his vehicle in the face on oncoming traffic to help the trapped Peugeot driver, Murray Smoker.

The full weight of the car was bearing down on the door, preventing Murray from escaping, but Chris used all his strength to heave it open and free the 31-year-old, from Huddersfield.

Chris was badly hurt during the crash and while forcing open the Peugeot's door, but he incredibly carried on to work that day as he was loath to let his colleagues down.

However, his injuries caught up with him the following day when he required treatment at the Northern General Hospital after experiencing shooting pains up his back, and he later underwent three months of physiotherapy for his back and shoulders. Murray was remarkably unharmed.

Despite his bravery, Chris was initially accused of road rage, following his understandable anger at being hit from behind, and the case went all the way to court before the charge of driving without due consideration was eventually dropped.

The van driver who caused the crash on May 12 last year was fined £500 and banned from the road for six months after admitting careless driving.

The Royal Humane Society, which celebrates life-saving acts of bravery, is due to present him with a 'Testimonial on Parchment' in a ceremony next Wednesday at Sheffield Town Hall.

Announcing the award, the society's secretary Andrew Chapman said: "This was an act of supreme bravery. In his bid to rescue the other motorist who was trapped in his car which was upside down Mr Dye ran the gauntlet of other traffic on the motorway.

"He could have been knocked down and injured or worse but his only thought was for the other driver. It was a very courageous act and he richly deserves the award."

Chris's father Pat said: "I'm beyond proud, but that pride is tinged with the realisation that the phone call I made the night before could have been the last time I spoke to him.

"The bravery he showed in running across a live motorway to rescue another driver could easily have cost him his life. The chances certainly weren't stacked in his favour."