VIDEO: Gunman holds up Sheffield convenience store in FOURTH armed robbery in two years

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This is the moment a gunman held up a Sheffield convenience store this evening, telling the terrified cashier 'get me some money, it's not worth your life'.

The robber struck at the Ironbridge Convenience Store, on Retford Road, in Woodhouse, today, shortly before 7.15pm, making off with cash and cigarettes.

The robber points a gun at the terrified shop assistant as he orders her to fill a bag with cash and cigarettes

The robber points a gun at the terrified shop assistant as he orders her to fill a bag with cash and cigarettes

The owner, Major Singh Chahal, said it was the fourth time armed robbers had targeted the store in less than two years.

Last Friday morning, a man threatened staff there with a golf club; last Christmas, three men on mopeds raided the store armed with a machete; and a year earlier, a man walked in with a hammer.

Mr Chahal, who owns two other convenience stores in Sheffield and Doncaster, said: "It's a joke. We've been robbed four times in less than two years and police come and take the details each time but nobody's been arrested.

"I feel disappointed and upset for my members of staff because they do a sterling job and they're frightened now.

Ironbridge Convenience Store

Ironbridge Convenience Store

"I feel a bit vulnerable and I feel like police aren't doing enough. Nobody's been done, which sends out the wrong message that you can go and rob that shop and, job's a good'un, you won't get caught."

Mr Chahal said one female employee was in the shop, with no customers present, when the robber stormed in.

He said the robber, a man believed to be in his 20s and about 5ft8in, told the shop assistant: "Get behind the counter and get me some money because it's not worth your life."

The employee was not harmed but Mr Chahal said she was 'very shaken up'.

The video shows the robber, wearing a black hoodie and white trousers, pointing what appears to be a gun at the worker as he orders her to fill a black rucksack with cash and cigarettes.

The raid came less than 24 hours after a break-in at an HSBC bank in Darnall this morning.

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.