VIDEO: German fans flock to Sheffield to celebrate city's footballing history

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German fans flooded the streets of Sheffield as they visited the city to celebrate its proud footballing history.

More than 400 FC Köln and Borussia Dortmund supporters made a pilgrimage to the birthplace of modern football for a fans' game against the world's oldest football club, Sheffield FC.

German fans pack the stands at Sheffield FC

German fans pack the stands at Sheffield FC

The match at the club's Dronfield stadium ended 4-2 to the hosts but the score was merely a sideline as both sets of fans bonded over their shared passion for the beautiful game.

Sheffield FC has a big fanbase in Germany, where natives take a keen interest in the sport's history.

Matt Rapinet, of Sheffield FC, said: "A group of hardcore FC Köln fans were celebrating a friend's birthday during the international break and wanted to go somewhere which was good for the football romantics and also a cool place to visit, so they chose Sheffield.

"Our story as the world's oldest football club is very well known in Germany. We have a marketing agency there and recently held an international fundraiser in Frankfurt.

Sheffield FC fans beat their German opponents 4-2

Sheffield FC fans beat their German opponents 4-2

"I think they're in love with the romantic side of football. It's not just the history of Sheffield FC which appeals to them but the club's values.

"It was fantastic to have them. They were in great spirits at our ground, singing throughout the match and waving their flags."

The German contingent travelled by ferry to attend the match and continued their celebrations in Sheffield city centre yesterday evening before beginning their homeward journey that night.