Truth just as strange as fiction in Trump show

David Burckhardt in Trump the Musical
David Burckhardt in Trump the Musical

In an unpredictable year which saw President Trump blow hot and cold on North Korea’s Kim Jong Un while changing his mind over Putin’s Russia, how does a musical satire stay up to date?

“It’s basically a mug’s game, satirical theatre,” admitted Sheffield theatre company Blowfish’s writer Laurence Peacock, “because a script can so easily get overtaken by events. But this year’s strange developments have made our rather far-fetched show seem oddly prophetic.”

Set in 2020, the show features Trump running for re-election in the shadow of Russian interference, a Presidential state visit to England and Kim Jong Un keeping everyone guessing about his nuclear intentions.  

Trump The Musical is at The Foundry, Sheffield University Students' Union, Western Bank on Sunday. Tickets: