Tramlines donates cash to Sheffield park

Tramlines is donating 10,000 to Hillsborough park
Tramlines is donating 10,000 to Hillsborough park
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Tramlines is donating £10,000 to Hillsborough park as a thank you for being allowed to take it over for two weeks.

Council bosses struck the deal, although the Friends of Hillsborough Park group said the amount was less than it expected. The park will be fenced off for a fortnight in total while the music festival is organised.

The council hopes there will be a long partnership between the festival and the park. It’s Tramlines 10th anniversary and Hillsborough park is its biggest ever single venue capacity, licensed for up to 40,000 people.

Local councillor Bob Johnson said: “The money will be spent within the park and be for the benefit of the park. It’s not a inconsiderable amount and we want to get best value and may get match funding. We don’t want to rule anything out.

“There are drainage issues on the field which cause considerable damage and that has been an outstanding issues for years. New play equipment is always popular and we’re also looking at the possibility of public toilets. There are also issues with the pond.

“The Friends group does a great deal of work in the park so they know where the money needs to be spent. We are hopeful this will be repeated on an annual basis.”

Andy Chaplin of the Friends group said he was surprised at the final figure but there was plenty of things which needed improving in the park.

He said: “The actual £10,000 figure was news to us, we had hoped for more and had previously agreed with the Parks Management that a good use for a higher figure would be for improved field drainage.

“If it is £10,000 then we can always suggest a use for it - improvements to the playground, walled garden, lake, entrances or pavilion.”

Tramlines has erected giant fences around the perimeter of the park but people will still be able to use the library, playground, bowling green and walled garden without a pass. Dog walkers will be able to access it from Middlewood Road.