Star of Ghost on stage in Sheffield has spirited around the world

Rebekah Lowings and Niall Sheehy co-star in Ghost the Musical
Rebekah Lowings and Niall Sheehy co-star in Ghost the Musical

Audiences have been hungering for the touch of an Unchained Melody all around the world, it seems.

Rebekah Lowings, who plays the role of Molly in Ghost the Musical, the stage musical adaptation of the hit 1990 film that stared Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg, has just returned from touring with the show in Dubai, Istanbul and Italy.

The Bill Kenwright production stars Rebekah alongside Niall Sheehy as her young husband Sam, who is murdered walking back to their apartment late one night, leaving Molly alone, in despair and utterly lost.

Sam, trapped between this world and the next, tries to communicate with Molly with the help of a phony psychic, Oda Mae Brown, in the hope of saving her from grave danger.

Jacqui Dubois returns to the part of Oda Mae, a role she played in the 2016 tour of the show.

The film made The Righteous Brothers’ song Unchained Melody into a huge hit and, as well as that iconic song, the musical features an original score co-written by the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart.

Rebekah said: “It’s good to travel with the job and it’s been beautiful, so gorgeous. They all love the show in different ways. 

“Some of the audiences don’t speak English so they have subtitles. They have been laughing five seconds after the cast said a line!”

She added: “Me and Niall bring a bit more youth to it. It’s a bit of a fresh, new Ghost.

“We’ve also changed the ending to make it a bit longer version of Unchained Melody. The audience really love that song.

“As soon as the song starts, they absolutely love it.”

Rebekah has been loving it, too. She said: “Molly has been special to play, such an incredible role.

“Demi Moore obviously originated it and she has such star quality.

“She is someone you can aspire to be like, just in everyday life, as well, the perfect woman. She has the feistiness and sassiness I want to bring to her.

“Jacqui brings in the comedy and Niall brings the hope.”

She added: “I think the character is beautiful to play. She is written so well it is a joy to play her.”

Rebekah said she was already a fan of the story before she took on the role.

“I’d been to the film when I was a kid and loved it. It wasn’t quite a chick flick, it had death and grief. I wanted to be Whoopi, I think everyone did!”

She added: “I definitely took a lot of inspiration from the film. It’s been a most beautiful job.

“I’ve taken it from the film and from the original production and used a bit of my own.”

She admitted it was a bit of a roller coaster performance emotionally. “It’s definitely hard to do every night. Molly has to be so raw and real. Otherwise it becomes an airy fairy musical.”

Rebekah, who has a lot of experience in musical theatre, said that the original score is beautiful and complements the storyline very well. 

Her love of music comes from her parents, who are both accomplished players.

“There was lots of music in my house. My entire family can sing. I am one of 11 kids, we were like the Von Trapp family!”

However, she was the only one of the 11 to perform professionally.

Ghost the Musical is at Sheffield Lyceum from January 15 to 19. Tickets: