South Yorkshire graduate wins £45,000 payout over 'soul-destroying' dental ordeal which cost him a tooth

Thomas Hogg
Thomas Hogg
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A South Yorkshire graduate who endured years of agony and lost a tooth after his dentist failed to treat decay has secured £45,000 in compensation.

Thomas Hogg was just 15 when he visited his local dentist Dr Joanne Appleyard, of Cantley Dental Centre in Doncaster, for a check-up in October 2010.

This x-ray shows the infection around the end of the root of an upper left premolar

This x-ray shows the infection around the end of the root of an upper left premolar

That was the beginning of a five-year ordeal during which his lawyers claimed her continuous failure to tackle decay, inadequate treatment of resulting infections and poor root canal work left him in excruciating pain.

Mr Hogg, now aged 22, was unable to eat solid food for two years, missed school during the run-up to his GCSEs and endured a miserable start to university life.

Having already lost one tooth, he has been told he will lose another due to the extensive damage caused.

He eventually approached the Dental Law Partnership in despair, and it agreed to take up his case in November 2015.

In June this year, the firm reached an out-of-court settlement with the dentist, who agreed to pay £45,000 in compensation but did not admit liability.

"Putting the pain and the endless time I've spent at the dentist aside, I am losing teeth because of this," said Mr Hogg, who claims he has always taken good care of his teeth.

"Dr Appleyard simply didn't diagnose what was wrong with my teeth. To think decay was clearly visible all along but she never treated it properly and left my teeth to rot is soul destroying. This has had a hugely negative impact on my life, and it never should have happened."

Mr Hogg was given a filling in 2010 and told the rest of his teeth were fine, but in July the following year he was back with severe toothache.

He underwent numerous x-rays and fillings over the next two years, and in 2013, while attempting to treat an infection, Dr Appleyard perforated the root of a tooth, drilling into the bone and causing him immense pain.

More appointments and yet more fillings followed, but Mr Hogg continued to suffer great pain and was eventually told he would have to have a tooth extracted, more fillings, and further root canal treatment.

When the Dental Law Partnership reviewed his records, it said it discovered decay had been clearly visible in x-rays taken as far back as 2010 but Dr Appleyard had not treated it properly, simply placing fillings over the decay.

Daniel Kinnear, of the law firm, said: "What our client went through was completely unnecessary. If the dentist had adequately treated the decay at his teeth in the first place the problems he experienced could have been avoided."