Sheffield theatre group's murderously funny new musical

Rehearsals for Buried: A New Musical by Sheffield's Colla Voce Theatre
Rehearsals for Buried: A New Musical by Sheffield's Colla Voce Theatre
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Review: Buried: A New Musical, at DINA, Sheffield

You know the old, old story: boy and girl meet via a dating app, prepare to murder each other, find out they’re both serial killers and go off on a deadly spree...

Oh, and they sing while they’re doing it and they’re really lovely songs, too.

That all made for a peculiarly skin crawling but funny and enjoyable evening, courtesy of the talented young Sheffield group, Colla Voce Theatre.

They previewed the show in Sheffield before it goes off to the Edinburgh Fringe festival, where it should do very well.

There was no programme, so I can’t namecheck anyone, but the whole cast were strong and the musicians played wonderfully.

The couple playing the leads had wonderful voices and their chemistry was all too believable but there needed to be a little more definition between their public personas and their real, psychotic selves.

Nothing over the top, just something subtle to make you believe in them more as killers. And quite a few people do die, three by the end of the first song.

There were a couple of little technical glitches and the constant moving of tables and chairs between short scenes was a bit distracting in such a small space but these are minor points.

The script had some great touches, including a line referring to the couple not being Sweeney Todd, when they sort of were.

The group can do comedy very well, it’s the deeper, darker parts of the story that need a little work, but this was an exciting start.