Sheffield Steelers: Simmsey on Josh McFadden and the Andreas Jamtin ‘codswallop’

Josh McFadden
Josh McFadden
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Lots to talk about this week, new players coming in, old players having a whinge and the latest in the Ben O’Connor story.

A new signing confirmed on Tuesday, Josh McFadden, a fast, mobile defenceman with a cannon of a shot – well that’s what it says on the resume.

In all fairness everyone at the club are very excited to land Josh, the references that came back were glowing, previous coaches, other coaches in leagues he has played in all rated Josh’s ability at the highest level.

Josh had offers all around Europe and I know that Paul Thompson worked around the clock making sure that his final destination was Sheffield.

The club will make another signing announcement next week – a player linked to a very famous Steelers personality of the past.

Speaking with Paul Thompson minutes before typing this, he assures me that he is close to making “several” new signings shortly as deals he has been negotiating on for weeks now start to come to fruition.

Meanwhile Andreas Jamtin, was talking a load of codswallop in Wednesday’s Star

I was one of a handful of people at the Steelers who actually liked Jamtin, it was a small minority. I actually liked the fact that he was a stubborn, argumentative, arrogant individual. On the ice he was a winner, dogmatic, hard working and did his job to the best of his ability.

I think when reading his words this week we saw the other side of him, the side that we were warned about before his arrival and the side many saw at close range during his spell here.

He wasn’t impressed with the league or the club. Now I understand he has played in some outstanding leagues such as the KHL and SHL.

I wonder if they would have given him 4-5 weeks off whilst his partner had a baby, all paid leave?

Once Andreas returned from the birth he wasn’t interested and couldn’t wait to get back home.

Hence he was removed from the line up for the finals. Hence he took the first flight home the day afterwards.

Jamtin was lucky, in his best playing days he earned a fortune playing for some incredible teams.

Like everyone though when those best days are behind you the pay rate comes down.

He didn’t like the pay in Sheffield (and he was a very well paid guy here) then he shouldn’t have signed the contract.

Like many players their opinion of themselves sometimes differs from how others see them. The reality was that Jamtin wasn’t an impact player and therefore didn’t warrant the impact player’s pay packet. Those days Andreas, those days have gone.

Andreas was earning nothing when we signed him, he didn’t have a job. That maybe should have told him something don’t you think?

As I say, I quite liked the bloke, he didn’t cause me any issues but as he took off I don’t think there was too many people reaching for the hankies.

I refer to my comments on Ben O’Connor a couple of weeks ago. I love the bloke, I want him to play for the Steelers until the end of time and if he returns to the club after having his KHL offer withdrawn then you won’t find a happier man than me.

However, as a friend of his I was gutted for him when I heard the news that a new President of the KHL club had replaced the management of the team and the new people had decided to change many of the players already signed. Now Ben gets a pay out and that’s nice, but it isn’t the same as playing in the KHL.

Ben had worked so hard for that chance.

So what does he do now? He knows the door is still open for him at Sheffield but does he now take this chance to go to the DEL or SHL if the chance comes? As I said before, I hope not, I hope he stays here with us but knowing Ben I know he wants to test himself and experience different leagues and life styles. If you go Benny I will miss you, but still love you. If you stay, I will smile and be happy.

I expect this time next week we will be speaking about at least one signing announcement, maybe two, in fact maybe more. The patience Paul and the club have taken this year will pay off, there maybe a lot of last-minute signings and if that’s the case, whatever it takes to bring that league title back here will be just fine with me.