Sheffield staff are having their sugar intake rationed at work

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Employees at a Sheffield firm might have a sour taste in their mouths.

Health and wellbeing provider, Westfield Health, which is based in the city, is kicking off its 100th birthday celebrations this month by going back in time to 1919 and rationing all sugar.

Staff at Westfield Health

Staff at Westfield Health

Throughout January, just like the orders of King George V 100 years ago, Westfield Health is replacing all sugar in its communal areas with a rations book.

Sugar is being moved out of sight, and staff are being encouraged to cut down by signing a ration book if they ever do get a sweet craving.

Back in 1918, sugar was the first item to be rationed along with butter, margarine, lard and meat. The rationing continued into the 1920’s.

The rationing commemorates a series of events throughout 2019 to celebrate the organisation’s centenary, travelling back through time taking each decade of the century in turn.

Graham Moore, Chairman at Westfield Health said: “We’re all very excited to be launching our centenary celebrations this year, though we won’t be cutting into any cake this month!

“We felt it was fitting to kick off celebrations in January by cutting back on the amount of sugar we consume. Not only is the rationing a representation of how many years we’ve been working as a health and wellbeing organisation, but in modern times, high levels of sugar consumption is a large contributing factor to the obesity epidemic in the UK. At Westfield Health we believe in well beings, and that applies to our staff and customers alike.”

Westfield Health will be celebrating all year with a series of initiatives including launching a volunteering programme for staff, remembering the past with special charity donations and birthday surprises for customers turning 100.