Sheffield's 'Tent City' reappears on new roundabout site after evictions

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A new incarnation of Sheffield's 'Tent City' has been created on a roundabout, just days after occupants were evicted from a nearby homeless camp.

A handful of tents have sprung up on Park Square roundabout beside the A61 near Ponds Forge in what is the latest project by Sheffield's Tent City founder Anthony Cunningham.

Tents on Sheffield's Park Square roundabout (photo by Anthony Cunnigham, via Facebook)

Tents on Sheffield's Park Square roundabout (photo by Anthony Cunnigham, via Facebook)

Sheffield Council workers and South Yorkshire Police officers had cleared the previous encampment of tents outside the Park Hill flats at the end of January, after being granted a possession order at court.

More than a dozen homeless people had been living at that camp, which had been in operation since mid-December.

Mr Cunningham previously told how a tight-knit community had formed at the Park Hill camp, where he said one rough sleeper had received support to give up alcohol.

But the council said it took action to shut down the camp as it was not a safe place to stay and support could be better provided elsewhere.

Supporters of the new camp have written online of their plans to take clothes, sleeping bags and food down to those sleeping there.

Mr Cunnigham said the new site had been chosen because it was well lit and covered with CCTV cameras, making it a safe location for occupants and visitors alike.

He said like the previous site this was only a temporary measure, which he hoped would persuade charities in the area to 'step up' and create a night shelter he believes is desperately needed.

"It's about keeping people safe and warm and keeping the sanitation up to 100 per cent standard," he said.

"Every time Tent City came down or got moved people went back to shop doorways or somewhere else. It's like they became invisible again.

"If the council had just left things alone in Park Hill it would have been OK. Let's see how they play this one out where it's in the limelight of the actual city."

An online petition started by Mr Cunningham for a new night shelter to be created in Sheffield city centre has received more than 3,000 signatures. Taking into account the paper version of the petition, he said that number was nearing 5,000.

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