Row over parking at Sheffield school

Rivelin Primary School, Morley Street, Hillsborough
Rivelin Primary School, Morley Street, Hillsborough
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Double yellow lines will be painted outside a Sheffield school despite protests from local residents.

Morley Street at Hillsborough suffers badly from congestion at school times when parents double park on the narrow road near Rivelin Primary School.

Existing “keep clear” markings and a single yellow line outside the school will now be replaced by double yellow lines.

But local residents had objected, saying it will make parking more difficult for them and parents will just ignore the new restrictions.

One resident said: “I understand that there has to be some school markings for safety but this will mean that there will be even more issues with parking our own vehicles in the evening and at weekends due to lack of space.

“We rely on using the single yellow lines, when times allow, to park as space is limited when residents come home and at weekends.

“The new regulations just make things more difficult for people who live on the street. It would be appreciated if we could have more of a say in what can be done to help our situation as the school seems to always have the priority. Parents still abuse the parking system and still take no notice.”

Another resident said: “You have to live on Morley Street to appreciate the constant frustration that we have seven days a week, it is one big nightmare.

“The single yellows that we have at the present are a big help as we can use the extra space after 6pm to park not just in the week but at the weekends.

“The parents also take no due care when they drop the children off and then pick them up later. I do think that we as residents should be allowed parking permits.”

The council says the disruption to residents will be “minimal”.

Highway officers say: “The situation outside Rivelin Primary School gate will be safer and more pleasant for pedestrians. The aim is to secure a range of visibility for pedestrians crossing Morley Street, near the school gates and at the gennel opposite the main entrance.”