Rocky road but Sheffield Council wins appeal

Sheffield Town Hall
Sheffield Town Hall
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Sheffield Council has won a “common sense victory” against a developer who wanted to make every driveway on a new estate out of gravel.

Gleeson Homes was given planning permission to build 103 two, three and four bedroom family homes on land at the junction of Fretson Road and Queen Mary Road.

Planning officers said the driveways should not be made of gravel because it would create too much mess and become a hazard on the road.

Gleeson Homes appealed to the Planning Inspector but she has agreed with the council. A council report says: “The Inspector was not persuaded by the argument that homeowners would routinely maintain their drives by raking and brushing loose stones.

“She felt that over time the migration of the stones on to the highway would be an increasing problem and would create an uneven surface leading to possible slips, trips and skids.”

The Inspector said gravel driveways would make it unsafe for pedestrians, cyclists, disabled people and those with pushchairs and would also look untidy as weeds grew through.

Planning officer Lucy Bond told the council’s planning meeting: “We are delighted at winning this appeal. This is the only company I have ever come across to use gravel driveways so it’s a victory for common sense.”