Revealed: New Sheffield MP's favourite boy band

New Labour MP Jared O'Mara co-founded West Street Live in 2008
New Labour MP Jared O'Mara co-founded West Street Live in 2008
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Sheffield's new MP Jared O'Mara will be a familiar face to the city's clubbers.

The former music promoter co-founded the bar-cum-nightclub West Street Live in 2008 and often played DJ sets at the popular student venue.

But those who aren't regulars at the city centre nightspot may not be aware of the newly-elected Sheffield Hallam MP's musical tastes, including his fondness for boy bands.

Tam Ali, an old friend of Mr O'Mara's, who founded the club with him, said: "He did two or three nights a week DJing here and started the music policy.

"He's got an encyclopaedic knowledge of pop music and an affinity for boy bands. I think the Vengaboys and PJ & Duncan (now Ant & Dec) are his favourite bands."

Mr Ali, who is a longtime friend a former flatmate of Mr O'Mara's, said everyone at the club was 'incredibly proud' of the new Labour MP's achievement in ousting former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg.

But although West Street Live is popular with students, who are not Mr Clegg's biggest admirers following his u-turn on tuition fees, he said there had been no gloating at the venue over the ex-deputy prime minister's downfall.

"We celebrated Jared winning, not Nick losing," said Mr Ali, whose club jokingly offered the deposed MP a job as a DJ.

"Nick has provided well for his constituency. I know he's had his detractors but as a local MP I think he's been great."

Mr Ali described Mr O'Mara as an 'essential cog' in the machinery at West Street Live, but said the club's loss was the city's gain.

"He's a character. He's the nicest guy you will ever meet and he's the guy who will help if you have a problem," he said.

"He's always been politically active and is a pioneer of equality and disabled rights. He's got the same encyclopaedic knowledge of Sheffield as he does of pop music."

As for when the MP might return to the decks, Mr Ali says his old business partner has a lot on his hands right now 'becoming an MP and negotiating Brexit' but he doesn't think his days as a DJ are over.