REACTION: Roma immigration episode of Channel 4 Page Hall documentary

Willoughby Street in Page Hall
Willoughby Street in Page Hall
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The second episode of the Channel 4 documentary focusing on immigration in Page Hall will be broadcast tonight.

Keeping Up With The Khans, from the team behind Benefits Street, will delve into Roma communities in Sheffield’s Page Hall estate.

Last week, the {first episode||read more} featured asylum seekers.

The new four-part series is set to explore the impact of immigration on the community in the area.

The Star will be covering the show live - keep checking back here for updates and reaction from 9pm.

This episode focuses on Roma Slovak immigrants in Page Hall #keepingupwiththekhans

“Shouting, screaming, happens 24/7. Why can’t they just go to bed like everybody else.

“You want to film this area? I leave in two weeks and I can’t wait...” says Sheffield local.

Sheffield resident Linda is reporting litter problems, while another has installed a dash cam because he says there are so many problematic drivers.

Another adds: “They want to make round here like the villages they’ve come from. And they’re succeeding.

“We’re not nasty people, but this is making us very resentful. We call this Sheffvakia.” #keepingupwiththekhans

One immigrant is offered a job cleaning cars for £30 a day, while another battles to get a National Insurance number to get a job and support his disabled mum.

PCC Alan Billings has accepted an invitation to visit the area.

“I have a feeling our east Europan friends will be told to stay indoors.”

Another resident said there were many police cars in the area in the days before the visit.

“Half an hour ago, if you came here, you wouldn’t be able to cross any of these roads. That’s what we wanted you to see,” residents told the police and crime commissioner.

Eric works in a supermarket, and spends most of his time behind the meat counter.

“A lot of Slovakians respect him because he works, and gives lots of money away to people. He had nothing and now he does and he wants to give something back.”

He then gives the show a tour of his one bedroom flat above the shop, boasting proudly about his new TV and sofa.

He has been selected for the broadcast round of Britain’s Got Talent.

A snake is spotted hiding in the next door neighbour’s wall.

“Waste of flaming time,” says Linda after calling the police.

She speaks to the Slovakian community members after the snake is caught. She complains about loud music being played from cars, but the Roma Slovaks claim the Pakistani community members were ‘doing it first’.

Linda then adds: “I don’t know what’s going to come of the area. There’s good and bad in all nationalities but they’ve not endeared themselves to me”

Erik is then shown auditioning on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent, singing Celine Dion’s My Heart will Go On while wearing a sequin wasitcoat.

The Queen then visits Sheffield, but not to Page Hall.

“We are very happy that the Queen allows us to stay here,” one immigrant living in Page Hall says.

Erik then heads to the city centre to see her.

“We’re not patriotic enough,” says Page Hall resident Linda.

“I’ve told my kids, get good jobs, then bugger off out of this country.”

“I have lived in Page Hall for 53 years an I love it. The only thing I would say to young people is ‘don’t moan’, says one long-term Page Hall resident.

The next episode is on February 18.


Kat Dee @katdee83

@AlexanderCEvans I wish they would just be respectful. I’m not a native but I abide by the law and treat the city with respect!

Hannah. @Hannahh182

‘if we go to sheffield the queen will help us’ hahaha i wish she’d help me #keepingupwiththekhans

Lindsay D @lindsaypuppyd

@Amy_Baldock92 @AlexanderCEvans South Sheffield is lovely ... that is north. It’s a big city ☺

brettd @brettd76

@AlexanderCEvans £30 a day to wash cars whilst signing on. Surely that’s illegal.

Jαde ❃ @Jadelsia_

FYI, not every person in Sheffield is an alcoholic on benefits. @Channel4 just seems to want to portray us that way. #keepingupwiththekhans

@mattshawtweets no Sheffield has some stunning places. But the council shouldn’t let PH be like that.



Love how they treat Eric, so nice to watch #keepingupwiththekhans

si_oooob ‏@Yorkie_s 6 mins6 minutes ago

There is only one race! THE HUMAN RACE!!!! #keepingupwiththekhans



So the Slovaks capture the snake and chat politely but the sour faced woman still not got a good word to say #keepingupwiththekhans

Tori Harris ❤


This winds me up! No money and given a house yet he’s got an iphone6! #channel4 #keepingupwiththekhans

Carla Tromans


Erik on #keepingupwiththekhans is my new favourite person ⛴

Catherine Elphee @CAElphee

Huge amount of community work going on in Page Hall. Shame on @Channel4 for choosing not to show amazing efforts. #Keepingupwiththekhans