Play hang at Crucible in Sheffield looks at impact of violent crime

Marianne Oldham as ONE in hang at the Crucible Studio, Sheffield
Marianne Oldham as ONE in hang at the Crucible Studio, Sheffield

A new play takes a stark look at crime, punishment and justice.

In debbie tucker green’s gripping and intense play, Marianne Oldham plays One, one of two officials who meet Three, the victim of a violent crime to determine how she wants the guilty man executed.

The victim, played by Diveen Henry, is filled with anger and despair about how the crime has ripped her family and her life apart and upset with the way she is being treated by the officials.

Marianne, who has been seen on TV in A Very Engish Scandal and The Crimson Field, said: “The more we do it, the more I’m loving it. She is a fantastic writer. When you first look at it and read it, you won’t know necessarily.

“She writes with such depth, it is quite difficult to see on a first read.”

Marianne described her character: “She is wanting this meeting to be easier than it is. She’s got quite a lot of her own stuff going on and she’s been doing this job for a number of years and think she knows how to do it but gets really uprooted by this meeting.

“Three demands more truth from her than she was expecting or willing to give at the beginning. Three demands she also really see the reality of what’s happened.”

Marianne added: “If you’ve got something as shocking as capital punishment, that grabs your interest. The whole situation is so relatable.”