Noisy dogs land Sheffield owners with 'record' £4,000 penalty

This is believed to be the biggest penalty ever issued over noisy dogs in Sheffield
This is believed to be the biggest penalty ever issued over noisy dogs in Sheffield
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Dog owners whose noisy pets made their neighbours' lives a misery have been hit with a 'record' £4,000 penalty.

Carl Collins and Rebecca Carnell were today found guilty of failing to comply with abatement notices requiring them to reduce the noise experienced by their long-suffering neighbours in High Green.

Collins, aged 34, and Carnell, aged 27, both of Thompson Hill in High Green, were each ordered to pay £1,000 to the two people who brought the complaint and told to stump up £1,052 each to cover Sheffield Council's legal costs.

The council, whose environmental protection service team prosecuted the pair, claimed it was the biggest fine ever handed down in the city for a case of this kind.

Councillor Bryan Lodge, the council's cabinet member for the environment, said: "The financial penalty reflects the misery of the neighbours caught up in this issue.

"We take all noise complaints seriously, and although we will make every effort to resolve complaints at an early stage, if our help and advice is ignored we will use formal action.

"We hope that this action serves as a warning to others."

The defendants were first issued with abatement notices by the council in October 2014 after repeated complaints about the dogs' incessant barking.

But the awful din, which kept neighbours up in the early hours, continued despite a reminder being sent.

In January this year, noise monitoring equipment was installed at the complainants' home and several breaches were detected during the week.

You can report problems with noise to the council's contact centre on 0114 273 4567.

Council officers will first try to resolve complaints by providing help and advice but if this is not heeded may resort to legal action.