Meet the 17-year-old from Sheffield with 400,000 YouTube subscribers

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A teenage YouTube sensation from Sheffield has set his sights on reaching one million YouTube subscribers, after passing the 400,000 mark.

Emran Shourab only set up his MixtapeMasters channel nine months ago but his music videos, combining his twin passions of Korean drama and Bollywood music, have already earned him legions of fans.

Emran shows his delight at the award from YouTube

Emran shows his delight at the award from YouTube

The gifted 17-year-old from Darnall has racked up more than 29 million views for one video alone on the online sharing platform.

He recently received a coveted Silver Creator Award - reserved for those with over 100,000 subscribers - and, such is the phenomenal growth of his channel, by the time it arrived in the post he was nearly at the 400,000 mark already.

Emran now hopes to hit one million subscribers next year, securing a prestigious Gold Creator Award.

"It was amazing to get the silver play button, and I'm getting another 100,000 subscribers every month or two, so I hope to get the gold button at some point next year," he says.

The 17-year-old has now set his sights on securing a Gold Creator Award

The 17-year-old has now set his sights on securing a Gold Creator Award

"It's just a hobby but it's great to have so many subscribers, and the amazing feedback I get from them means a lot to me.

"Most of my followers are in Asia but my friends and teachers here are really supportive and watch all my videos, even if they don't always understand them."

Emran, who was born in Bangladesh and came to Sheffield with his family five years ago, creates his videos by selecting excerpts from Korean dramas and dubbing them with carefully chosen Bollywood music.

Despite his incredible success, he says he only spends a few hours a week creating and uploading videos.

He has no illusions about turning his hobby into a career, as he says the copyright on the films and music means he rarely makes any money.

The teenager, who is studying for his A levels at Sheffield Park Academy, hopes to go on to university before forging a career in computing.

Emran has three little sisters and a younger brother, who he says watch the same kind of videos as him and enjoying listening to Bollywood music like him but don't share his passion for them.

You can check out Emran's MixtapeMasters channel at