Major new housing development planned near Graves Park

Graves Park in Sheffield
Graves Park in Sheffield
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A new housing estate could be built close to Graves Park in Sheffield.

Advanced talks are taking place between Sheffield Hallam University and Miller Homes about the housing firm buying university-owned land behind Hemsworth Road and Derbyshire Lane in Norton.

As part of the deal, four homes owned by the university on the two streets - three of which are currently rented out to tenants - would be potentially demolished to make way for access roads onto the site, which is currently a field.

The Star understands people living in the homes have been given six months to leave, with the university offering some financial support to them to assist with them moving out.

Concerns have been raised about the potential noise and disruption from the construction process, as well as the additional traffic the new homes would create by the Norton Lees Residents Association.

Miller Homes says it has not yet finalised how many properties it wishes to build on the land.

A spokesperson for Sheffield Hallam said: “The university is currently in discussions with a developer about the sale of some land behind Hemsworth Road and Derbyshire Lane in Norton.

"The land has been owned by the university for many years.

"We own four properties on Hemsworth Road and Derbyshire Lane and in order to sell the land to the developer, the sale would require their inclusion with vacant possession.

"Three of the properties are currently rented out to local residents and we understand that this means some upheaval for the people living there, so we will support them financially in order to help them move to alternative accommodation.”

A spokesperson for Miller Homes said: “We can confirm we are in discussions with Sheffield Hallam University regarding the purchase of land behind Hemsworth Road and Derbyshire Lane for residential development, which includes four properties currently owned by the university.

"We are considering options for preferred access to our proposed development, however our plans are not yet finalised and will be subject to review as we go through the planning process.

"Our proposals will also be submitted for public consultation as part of this process.”