Hottest January day in Sheffield since 1932

Anne Parrot has Rhododendron flowering six months early in her garden in Carcroft, Doncaster
Anne Parrot has Rhododendron flowering six months early in her garden in Carcroft, Doncaster
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Sheffield folk ditched their winter coats and scarves for the hottest January day since 1932 last month.

The mean temperature on January 25 this year was a balmy 11.8 degrees – making it the second hottest January day on record.

Alistair McLean, who records weather dtata at Sheffield’s Weston Park Museum, said the unusually warm temperatures led to some plants blossoming much earlier than usual.

Alistair said: “There are plants out that you would not normally see.

“You would certainly not expect to see daffodils until at least February, so it surpised us to see some so early in January.”

Last month, we reported how South Yorkshire woman Anne Parrott, pictured, was amazed to find rhododendrons flowering in her garden – a staggering six months early.

Temperatures in Sheffield have been recorded since 1882, and the warmest January day on record is January 3, 1932, with a mean temperature of 12.3 degrees celsius.

Even though there was a wet beginning and end to the month, rainfall was also lower than average, with 73.1mm this year compared to an average of 87mm.

This comes despite Storm Gertrude affecting the UK in the final few days of January and Storm Henry set to hit overnight and this morning.

Sheffield was largely unaffected by Gertrude, aside from some high winds over the last few days.

Alistair said Sheffielders should be grateful to the hills of the city for protecting it from the worst of the weather.

He added: “We can thank the hills of Sheffield that we did not have the same quantity of rainfall as other parts of the country.

“Fingers crossed it will be the same for Storm Henry.”

High winds are expected this morning with light showers throughout the day.