Greens call for no more legal action against tree protesters

Green Councillor Douglas Johnson
Green Councillor Douglas Johnson
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Green councillors are calling on Sheffield Council to save public money and work on community relations in the tree-felling campaign.

The Greens say the cost of managing protests should fall on Amey and not the council. They argue that the council should stop spending public funds on legal proceedings and instead should work towards “a genuine compromise” over the areas of dispute.

They will put a motion forward at a meeting of the full council next Wednesday.

Douglas Johnson, Green councillor for City Ward, said: “This is a challenge for the new Cabinet Member to see if he is genuinely willing and able to compromise or if he is just going to continue his predecessors’ policy of confrontation.

“It is time to stop wasting money on legal proceedings and free it up for use on social care or other areas of vital spending.”

Sheffield Council issued injunction proceedings in July 2017 against a number of campaigners, including Councillor Alison Teal. An injunction was granted to the council after four days of legal argument in the High Court.

Since then, five people have been given suspended sentences. The council withdrew one application and lost two cases - Coun Alison Teal and Paul Brooke were judged not to be in breach of the injunction. The injunction expires on July 25.