Complaints at plans to change Sheffield house into shop

Sheffield Town Hall
Sheffield Town Hall
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Politicians, community groups and residents are all objecting to plans to turn a terraced house into a shop.

Gill Furniss MP, Lib Dem Leader Coun Shaffaq Mohammed and Firvale Community Hub have joined local residents in objecting to plans to change the ground floor of the house into a shop with a first floor rear extension at 104 Page Hall Road.

There are fears that another shop will create noise, disruption and parking problems.

Coun Mohammed said: “I have received several calls from local residents who are concerned about this application. Their main concerns relate to the noise and disruption that this development will cause to the neighbouring properties.

“Parking is also a concern as this is limited in the area and this development will generate further traffic and demand. This a residential area and local residents would like to maintain this and are against the encroachment of retail.”

Mrs Furniss, MP for Sheffield and Brightside, said: “This is an area with a severe litter and fly tipping problem. I would be concerned about any use being agreed which would exacerbate the litter issue without clear conditions to mitigate this. The location is also difficult for parking and has significant noise concerns.”

Coun Jackie Drayton says there are already plenty of shops in the area. “There is not enough parking in the area for existing properties and Page Hall Road is extremely busy road on a bus route.

“The disposal of retail waste is not addressed as the application just mentions 'bins' and not where the bigger waste bins needed for a retails property will be sited. This area has a real problem with litter and dumping of waste on the streets and I believe changing this residential property to retail will add to this problem.

“Many of my constituents have been in touch with me to express their dismay and concern and are totally opposed to any change of use from a residential family home.”

Councillors have asked for the scheme to go before a planning board, rather than being a delegated decision by officers.