Can you give Sheffield cat Digit his forever home?

Digit the cat who needs a new home in Sheffield. From RSPCA Sheffield.
Digit the cat who needs a new home in Sheffield. From RSPCA Sheffield.
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This is Digit, a tabby and white three year old cat who is looking for his forever home.

Digit, who was taken in to the RSPCA Sheffield in December, is polydactyl which means he was born with extra toes - although they later had to be removed.

He was extremely frightened when he was first taken in to the cattery and would lash out at anyone who tried to go near him but with some care and attention from staff he is now ready for a new home.

Alan Spencer, of RSPCA Sheffield, said: “Our wonderful cattery team started from scratch with him, building up trust and friendship without touching him and by daily visits of sitting, chatting and feeding him tuna.

“Then, step by step, we built up to gentle stroking with a brush and then finally, once he was happy, we started to use bare hands and now with the carers he is confident with, he can be fussed and groomed just like a normal cat.

“He doesn’t like being picked up and can still lash out if panicked or if he feels out of control but he really is an awesome boy.

“An adopter will likely need to start from scratch with him to gain the same great relationship his carers have with him.”

He added that any potential new owner would need to know that Digit may never be a lap cat who would want to be fussed.

He said: “He is a friendly, cheeky and playful young man who deserves the happiest life just like all the others.

“He is extremely handsome and so rewarding to work with. Digit is just looking for someone who understands him and willing to put the time in to make him happy.”

Because of his nature, Digit will need a home with teenagers or adults only.

Call 0114 289 8050 to find out more or call into the offices, at 2 Stadium Way.