Buses diverted due to vandalism by youths on Sheffield estate

Butterthwaite Road, in Shiregreen
Butterthwaite Road, in Shiregreen
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Buses serving a Sheffield estate have yet again been diverted due to vandalism.

Youths causing havoc around Butterthwaite Road, in Shiregreen, were yesterday evening blamed for buses in the area being re-routed.

Travel South Yorkshire tweeted: "Due to vandalism by youths in the vicinity of Butterthwaite Road Terminus buses to use Nethershire Lane in both directions missing out the problem area until approximately 8.30pm."

The nature of the vandalism on this occasion is not yet known, but buses in the area have previously been diverted due to yobs pelting them with stones.

In August, The Star reported how the number 75 and 76 bus services were re-routed for three nights running to protect passengers and drivers due to 'kids throwing objects at buses'.