BREAKING: Two more tree protesters arrested in Sheffield driveway

Police arrest two trees protestors for demonstrating on private land in Chippinghouse Road, Nether Edge (from Facebook Live video by Graham Turnbull, of STAG)
Police arrest two trees protestors for demonstrating on private land in Chippinghouse Road, Nether Edge (from Facebook Live video by Graham Turnbull, of STAG)
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Two more tree protesters have been arrested in Sheffileld this morning - this time for refusing to leave the driveway of a house.

Two women were reportedly arrested in Chippinghouse Road, Nether Edge, this morning, close to where workers from council contractor Amey were trying to fell a tree.

Police had asked them to move as officers said their presence was preventing work from being carried out safely.

Simon Crump, from the campaign group STAG (Sheffield Tree Action Groups), said these arrests were significant because it is the first time during the saga that people have been arrested for demonstrating on private land.

Mr Crump, who was previously arrested and charged over another protest, said the women who were detained had been given written permission by the property owner to be on the land.

"Police said protesters were still impeding Amey from doing its rightful business even though they were on private land," he said.

"Two people were arrested for being on private land with the express permission of the landowner to be there.

"If you can get arrested for being in your own front garden it's getting really bad."

This morning's drama brings the number of people arrested over tree protests in Sheffield to 14.

Nine of those are facing charges under the Trade Union act for attempting to prevent work taking place.

Councillor Bryan Lodge, cabinet member for the environment at Sheffield Council, said: "Despite continued disruption by protesters on site and further arrests, I can confirm that the tree replacement part of the Streets Ahead programme is going ahead, in line with the views of the majority of Sheffield residents.

"We appreciate that some people have strong views, but street tree replacement programme has been endorsed by the courts, and it is very disappointing that this disruption of lawful highway work is continuing. This delay and disruption is likely to cost the council taxpayers of Sheffield a significant amount of money.

“We want to reassure the people of Sheffield that every tree being removed as part of the Streets Ahead programme will be replaced on at least a one for one basis and ultimately, by the end of the contract, there will be more street trees in Sheffield than before the contract commenced in 2012.”

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said it was called to Chippinghouse Road, Nether Edge, this morning by Amey.

"Two people have been arrested on suspicion of preventing lawful work under Section 241 of the Trade Union and Relation Act 1992," she added.

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