Affordable new homes get go-ahead in Sheffield town

An artist's impression of the new homes at Hunshelf Park, Stocksbridge
An artist's impression of the new homes at Hunshelf Park, Stocksbridge

New homes which will be affordable for first time buyers and have low heating bills will be built in Sheffield.

Councillors unanimously approved plans for the 10 homes on an empty industrial site at Hunshelf Park in Stocksbridge.

The development will include a small district heating network with energy provided by a ground source heat pump and solar panels. It will use rainwater for toilet flushing and watering gardens.

The homes will be built to Passivhaus standards to ensure they use low energy and heating will cost around £1 a week.

Developer Andrew James said: “This will be the first development of Passivhaus homes in Sheffield. There have been individual houses before and some at Kelham Island are near Passivhaus standard but these homes will be designed as low energy buildings from the outset.

“They will have a lot of insulation, will be air tight and recover their heat. It’s an integral part of their design.”

The low carbon properties will be custom built and each one can be customised to a certain extent by the new owners.

Councillors welcomed the plans. Coun Andrew Sangar said: “It’s really important to make sure that we build on brownfield sites as much as we can.”

Coun Robert Murphy added: “This is an excellent scheme and I hope it’s very successful and hope there are more like it in the city.”