CCTV planned for every Rotherham neighbourhood

Total coverage: CCTV is planned for every Rotherham Council ward
Total coverage: CCTV is planned for every Rotherham Council ward
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Every council district in Rotherham is expected to get its own mobile CCTV camera in a bid to tackle anti social behaviour across the town, under a project which planned jointly with South Yorkshire Police.

The council has already put aside £60,000 for the project, designed to put a camera into use in each of the council’s neighbourhoods, or wards, which can be readily moved around areas where problems are expected.

Although the council could buy the cameras, they have struck a deal with South Yorkshire Police for their staff to maintain them.

CCTV has been used previously by the council, but the planned equipment is believed to be more suited to the task than older technology, allowing for better night time recording.

However, the system is not designed to be monitored from a control room like town centre systems, but instead provides a source of evidence which can be retrieved after incidents have occurred.

As such, to be effective it will still rely partly on residents reporting problems in areas covered by the cameras, so footage can be retrieved to allow further action.

The cameras are the ‘dome’ type which are now familiar and although they should be used on a one-per-ward basis, it is possible some could be used in higher concentrations should specific problems need a more intensive response.

The equipment is intended to be used on an ‘overt’ basis, with signs expected to go up to warn people recording is in operation in areas where the cameras will be used.