Doncaster Council take strides to get people walking

Walkers in Sandall Beat Wood
Walkers in Sandall Beat Wood
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Improved footpaths, less litter, new walking routes and more activities are part of a council plan to encourage walking in Doncaster.

A recent report showed Doncaster, when compared to neighbouring areas, "still has the lowest percentage of physically active adults" and is lower than the national average for the proportion of adults who regularly walk.

In response to a consultation people said litter, dog mess, lack of safety, parking on pavements and not enough information are some of the main issues putting people off strolling the streets.

Council officers said "perceived lack of time, lack of motivation and laziness along with frequent bad weather" also played a key factor.

But all that could change with the council's new Get Doncaster Walking strategy which is part of a £389,733 long-term plan to improve physical activity in the borough.

Clare Henry, public health specialist, wrote the report, she said: "We want walking to be easy, safe, pleasant and provide opportunities for interaction with other people in an attractive environment.

"Encouraging more walking can ease traffic congestion which enables the borough to grow, has positive health and wellbeing benefits that improves people's quality of life and helps to reduce air and noise pollution."

Some of the ideas outlined in the report include training walking guides, holding a walking festival and doing "Daily Mile" events in schools.

Initial targets set for the new strategy include reducing all pedestrian injuries by 4 per cent each year and increasing the number of people walking for leisure by 7.5 per cent.

The report will be discussed in a cabinet meeting next Tuesday 19 at 10am.