Youths banned from McDonalds over behaviour in Sheffield restaurant

McDonalds in Handsworth, Sheffield
McDonalds in Handsworth, Sheffield
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Nuisance youths have been banned from a McDonalds restaurant in Sheffield over their behaviour.

McDonalds has issued 'banning letters' to a group of youths over their behaviour towards staff and customers at the firm's restaurant in Handsworth.

A number of incidents have been reported to South Yorkshire Police over recent weeks and culprits have been identified and asked to attend Moss Way police station with their parents.

Ten of the youths have been issued with acceptable behaviour contracts, which last for 12 months.

Breaches of the contracts can result in further legal action,

A South Yorkshire Police spokesman said: "Over the last weeks we have seen an increase in the amount of anti-social behaviour incidents. In particular McDonald's has seen a rise in this type of incident.

"This type of behaviour has varied from refusing to leave the restaurant when asked by staff, to abuse towards staff and customers.

"In conjunction with McDonald's staff, we have been able to identify several of the culprits. They have been asked to attend Moss Way police station with their parents or guardians to discuss the matter further.

"To date we have issued 10 acceptable behaviour contracts to the youths, which stipulate how their behaviour needs to be addressed. This lasts for a 12 month period. If their behaviour does not improve then further legal action can be taken against them.

"They have also been offered support from the local community youth team.

"McDonald's attended these meetings and have issued banning letters from their premises to these youths.

"It has also being explained to them that their behaviour could affect their parents' tenancy if they live in Sheffield City Council properties or housing association properties."