Your View: Shopmobility was a lifeline and I will be sorry to see it goÂ

As the dust has now settled I thought it was only right to write an open letter of appreciation to Mark Arber.Â

Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 12:52 pm
Updated Wednesday, 12th December 2018, 12:55 pm
The Crystal Peaks base of the charity Shopmobility Sheffield, which has now closed

I would like to thank you for past 12 years of me being at Shopmobility the way you cared for the clients and the way you went the extra mile wont be forgotten by our clients or the volunteers I am sure. 

The way you went out your way to help people or even just be there for a chat your persons skill was fantastic. You embraced students on work experience who helped us get grants including the money from The Lottery. I know you tried your best to keep Shopmobility open more I think due to your dad starting Shopmobility in first place while he was Sheffield Mayor and was there for your dads charity. When volunteers couldn't get in you went and picked them up or if I needed a lift you was there to do so. If clients couldn't pick the equipment up you dropped it off using your own petrol and time, (before we got the delivery van). The best thing was you made volunteering at Shopmobility fun and whenever I was ill or needed to go to doctor for appointments you was supportive and caring. When taxi's didn't turn up and it was past closing time you still waited for that client till taxi came.

Even though Shopmobility has now closed we know it was mainly down to the council taking funds from the charity and giving it to a business who could easily afford to set a Shopmobility up on their own. Where as we needed the funding and the way they treated you was pretty poor. Thanks for being great manager, friend and colleague and I wish you well in your future. Also would like to thank on record Malcolm Burnham who raised over £300k in the many years he volunteered with us.

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Darren Gilbert