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“Tesco is failing to take enough action to curb their plastic waste”

Hannah Lucas

Sheffield/ South Yorkshire


The Sheffield Greenpeace local group and Tesco customers are campaigning to reduce plastic on the shelves in Tesco.

Greenpeace’s recent survey showed that Tesco is failing to take enough action to curb their plastic waste.  We can beat plastic pollution, but retailers and government need to act to stop the flow of plastics into our environment, rivers and oceans. In Sheffield, people have expressed concerns about poor air quality caused by plastic incineration as well as plastic escaping from  landfill sites in rivers.

Have you had enough of plastic too? Here’s what you can do:

When you see over-packaged fruit and veg, post a photo on social media with the hash tag #pointlessplastic, tag the supermarket and tell them what you think.

Leave your unwanted plastic packaging at the till after you have paid.

Join the shoppers revolt. Sign our petition calling on supermarkets to ditch throwaway plastic packaging: free-supermarkets.

Together, we can improve our local environment in Sheffield/South Yorkshire and reduce the amount of plastic polluting our rivers and oceans.