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black bag
black bag
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On Friday, August 3, at around 12.10am I took a taxi cab from Sheffield Station to Wharncliffe Side, arriving just after 12.30 or thereabouts. I paid the driver and went into the house with my luggage.

It was only when I got up later that I realised I must have left my handbag in the cab. I contacted SYP lost property, but it had not been handed in.

It is a small black bag, about the size of a housebrick, with two zip fasteners on the front. There was a small amount of money in it, but more importantly, it contained my diary and my asthma inhaler. It may be that it was picked up by the next passenger to use the taxi. I really just want my diary back, I’m lost without it. If anyone has any information, please contact me on 0114 2864426. Thanks.

Mrs F Owen

Wharncliffe Side, S35