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Fox cubs
Fox cubs
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It used to be called cub hunting

Mike Mass



An Archers fan tells me that Shula is very keen on going out with the fox hunters for so-called autumn hunting. Shame on Shula! What happens is this. It takes place on early mornings in August, September and October, before the main season begins in November. It used to be called cub hunting, which is a bit nearer the truth.

Riders surround an area of woodland where they know there are young fox-families, in order to stop the fox cubs from escaping. They then send in both young and experienced hounds to teach the young ones how to tear juvenile foxes apart. The Hunt Saboteurs Association says that it’s illegal and that with the highest death-toll it’s the most brutal and sadistic part of fox hunting. I don’t think The Archers gives listeners any hint of all that.